How Fashion Affects Our Social Interactions?


It seems like fashion designers are releasing new collection of their work every new month, which almost instantly make our last month’s wardrobe to become useless and outdated. Good news is, this would not be a problem any longer as there are new trends in the market that can be tried which can go perfectly with your preferences and tastes. Aside from the typical stripe’s that we are used to, you can also try something else similar to adding skinny scarf that match to your outfit. Not only that you can express yourself while revealing your unique personalities, denim fashion also has the ability of showing some sort of creativity, changing your life and even make you feel more comfortable.

In addition to that, it is through fashion that we can make instant communication to people because the mode of dressing we wear can easily tell a lot of things about us, because the response in our style will depend on the associated message with it. The information of course can be outcast or accepted to the outside world most especially to younger generations, preachers, celebrities and even those who have personal identity.

At the same time, everyday fashion can be used as an expression of social, religious as well as cultural values. Basically, fashion can be compared to art, an architecture that needs constant development to its shape and design. Meaning to say, the clothes are our non verbal form of communication. Moreover, fashion create an impact on our view of a person like for example, when someone dons T-shirt and jeans, the perception is that such person is feeble and liberal, if someone wears a suit, it is more organized and comfortable and a result, the suit is changing that person’s gesture and even the way he talks.

Fashion is a show of creativity too. Many of us judges a person’s creativity depending on the choice of clothes he or she wears. That’s true whether you accept it or not. On the other hand, you may be wondering on how fashion may be used to improve our creativity. For instance, when putting clothes on, there are a number of factors that we’re considering and among them is to how the dress would match the event we’re attending to or we like to wearing something that can make us look like our favorite celebrity or personality.For more facts and information regarding fashion, you can go to

For this, it isn’t really surprising why more and more people become creative in their choice of clothing and desire to look fashionable.


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