Fashion – What Does It Say About Us?


Almost every new month, there is a new collection coming out, which makes our last month’s wardrobe become outdated and useless. Well, this won’t be a problem anymore as you could try out new trends in the market that goes perfectly with your taste. In addition to the typical stripes we’re used to, you may even try something else like adding matching skinny scarfs and your outfit can be fabulous in an instant. In addition to expressing yourself and revealing your inner personalities, fashion has the ability of changing your life, show sort of creativity and makes you feel comfortable.

Moreover, it’s through outlined fashion that we can subtlety communicate to people as the mode of dressing we put can tell a lot of things about us, the response in style depends on the associated message with the choice of dressing. The information can be either accepted or outcast to the outside world especially to celebrities, those with personal identity, politicians, young generations and preachers.

Fashion at the same time is an expression of cultural, religious and social values. Fashion is much like art, an architecture that gives development to the shape and design, so as to fashion. Meaning, clothes are the non verbal form of communication. Fashion additionally have the impact on our view of a person like for instance, when someone wears a suit, it’s more comfortable and organized and in turn, the suit is changing with the gestures of that person as well as the way he is talking or when someone dons on T-shirts and jeans, the perception is that such individual is liberal and feeble.

Fashion is also a show of creativity. We are judging a person’s creativity depending on the choice of clothes that he or she puts on. But you should be wondering on how fashion can improve our creativity but for example, when putting clothes on, we are considering a number of factors and one of them is to how the dress matches with the event we’re attending or we want to wear something to look like the favorite personality we know or celebrity for instance. If you want to learn more about fashion, you can visit

Thus, we may say that if we could be creative in the way we don clothes, we can be creative as well in other aspects of life like in music and school. It’s a fact that humans are so excited when doing something that’s out of their creativity and they become a success if you wear clothes that no one puts on before and people will truly appreciate you being more confident onto your creativity. Read clothing blog here!


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